This calculator converts an overall average mark based on any numerical scale into a UNSW standard average mark out of 100 with a pass mark of 50. This includes 10 point scales, 4 point scales, GPA scales or standard mark or percentage scales out of 100.

In order to calculate your average, add all the marks, points, or GPA marks obtained on your transcript and divide them by the number of subjects. The result is your average mark. Enter this into the calculator, together with the maximum mark and the minimum pass mark to calculate your entry mark.

If your transcript contains letter grades or description grades where no numerical marks are available (apart from mark ranges on the back of your transcript), you should use the Non-numerical calculator instead.

Please note, you do not need to use this calculator if your marks are already on a 100 mark system with a minimum passing mark of 50. Your average mark in this case will be your entry mark.

Maximum Mark
Pass Mark
Average Mark