Entry to UNSW usually requires, among some other criteria, achievement of a certain score out of 100. This calculator converts and scales grading schemes across the world into a percentage relatable to UNSW entry requirements.

If you are a UNSW applicant or partner agent, use this calculator to determine whether your undergraduate grades make you competitive for entry to postgraduate coursework programs at UNSW.

Applicants within 5% of the listed requirement should consider applying.

The score generated by this calculator is provided as a guide only and does not guarantee any offer to study at UNSW. All applicants must also meet any additional entry criteria to be eligible for a particular program, and meet UNSW's English language requirements.

Please check the faculty website for degree selection criteria

Country/Region specific instructions can be found below:

For applicants from countries not listed above, please use the numerical grades calculator if your transcript has number grades on it and use the non-numerical grades calculator if your transcript does not contain number grades. Instructions for how to use each calculator can be found on each page.

If you have any enquiries about the use of this calculator, please call the Admissions Office on +61 2 9385 3656