This calculator converts an overall average mark based on any numerical scale into a UNSW standard average mark out of 100 with a pass mark of 50. This includes 10 point scales, 4 point scales, GPA scales or standard mark or percentage scales out of 100.

In order to calculate your average, UNSW uses the below hierarchy to convert marking schemes into a UNSW standard mark:

  1. If your transcript has an overall Cumulative GPA or Cumulative WAM, enter that figure in the "Average Mark" box.
  2. If your transcript has an overall average that is not weighted, enter that figure in the "Average Mark" box.
  3. If your transcript does not show a CGPA, CWAM or overall average, you will need to calculate one yourself by adding up all of your marks/GPA's and dividing by the number of subjects taken. Once you have calculated your average, enter it into the "Average Mark" box.
  4. Enter the minimum passing grade required to graduate from the degree – e.g. "40%"
  5. Enter the maximum mark or GPA in the "maximum mark" box
  6. Finally, press the "Calculate Entry Mark" button and if the average shown is above the relevant cut-off (or within 5% of the cut-off), check any other entry requirements and submit an application if you are eligible.

Fails - If your transcript shows a CGPA, CWAM or overall average, UNSW will assume fails are taken into account in the calculation of those scores.

If you need to calculate your own average as per step 3 above, use the mark or GPA shown on your transcript where possible, or use "zero" if the transcript or marking scheme does not show a numerical score for an individual subject.

If your transcript contains letter grades or description grades where no numerical marks are available (apart from mark ranges on the back of your transcript), you should use the Non-numerical calculator instead.

The score generated by this calculator is provided as a guide only and does not guarantee any offer to study at UNSW. All applicants must also meet any additional entry criteria to be eligible for a particular program, and meet UNSW's English language requirements.

Please check the faculty website for degree selection criteria

Country/Region specific instructions can be found below:

Maximum Mark
Pass Mark
Average Mark